In a place where a little cake can bring happiness on an ordinary day, here is where I will be sharing my picture blog as I continue my quest to perfect the "perfect cupcake." I have enjoyed this creative outlet since I've become a stay-at-home mom to my two adorable children a few years ago. I have been fortunate that others have enjoyed it too. I have been asked to be a part of many special events from a little angel's first Birthday Party to the unforgettable Wedding Day! I hope you will visit often and enjoy as I learn to perfect my skills and continue my quest.

Maybe one day I can do "Something Special" for you!

~Trang Schwartz~

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a few cupcakes....

Below is an array of pictures of cupcakes I've done since I began my journey in the cupcake world. I took one class to learn a little about how to use decorating tips but I pretty much have learned all my baking skills and "art" through trial and error. Fortunately, I haven't had too many errors - well not major ones anyway! :) I love coming up with ideas to decorate a special event and luckily, everyone's been happy with what I can do!! More to come...!


  1. Glad to see have a blog now! I am so excited for your venture. Set up a paypal account so you can take corporate orders and I am 'in.' xoxo Will you be delivering??

  2. Thanks for supporting me Cass! It means so much! I will let you know when we pull the trigger on it! xoxo